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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following frequently asked questions before sending me a message through the contact form below.

I love helping people with videos as thousands can get help at once. But when thousands have personal questions it is a bit too much. It just isn’t safe or practical to give advice one on one at this volume. You could easily get hurt if I don’t understand the problem or you do something I didn’t expect or know about. I do professional engineering for a living for businesses if that is the kind of help you want. You may email our team at missiondrivenrobotics.com to get help there. Those emails don’t go to me personally. You would be hiring a company not me personally.


Absolutely… but I have limited space, so I would not want you to spend money sending something I can’t use in the near future. Please describe the item for me in your message, and I will follow up with you. Please don’t offer to sell me items.


I don’t feel good recommending a tool as my needs and expectations of the tool may be very different from yours. Some times a cheap tool is good enough; sometimes I want nothing short of the perfect tool regardless of the cost; sometimes I build it myself. Please don’t buy a tool just because you saw me using it! Seeing it in my videos shouldn’t be an automatic endorsement. I can make bad decisions as well.

Here is a list:
    What cameras? Panasonic GH5 and Go Pro hero 9 for some shots 
    What 3d modeling software? Solidworks Professional
    What video editing software? Adobe Premiere pro
  • What software are you using to control it? A custom program, it is not available to the public.
  • Can I get the 3d model of Jarvis/Your Robot Arm? I am currently not offering the model in any form paid or free.
  • Are there drawings or plans available? No. It is a one-of-a-kind design not meant to be copied as is. There are no drawings or other helpful information to copy. It is mostly in my head 🙂
  • What did it cost to build? it cost me roughly 13k to build. But for someone else, it would probably be at least 20k as I bought many used parts and some items were already in my inventory from other projects. I did not design it to be copied, so no thought was given to making it affordable for someone else to build.

I have a different question...

If you have a different question or if you wish to contact me about something not addressed in the FAQ above, please use this form to get in touch with me.  

Please note: If your question is answered on the FAQ list above I won’t answer your email!