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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through the following frequently asked questions before sending me a message through the contact form below.

I love helping people with videos as thousands can get help at once. But when thousands have personal questions it is a bit too much. It just isn’t safe or practical to give advice one on one at this volume. You could easily get hurt if I don’t understand the problem or you do something I didn’t expect or know about. If you just want a few hours of engineering help I suggest something like upworks.com or fiverr.com where you can hire an engineer by the hour or by project to help out.

Absolutely… but I have limited space, so I would not want you to spend money sending something I can’t use in the near future. Please describe the item for me in your message, and I will follow up with you. Please don’t offer to sell me items.


I don’t feel good recommending a tool as my needs and expectations of the tool may be very different from yours. Some times a cheap tool is good enough; sometimes I want nothing short of the perfect tool regardless of the cost; sometimes I build it myself. Please don’t buy a tool just because you saw me using it! Seeing it in my videos shouldn’t be an automatic endorsement. I can make bad decisions as well.

Here is a list:
    What cameras? Panasonic GH5 and Go Pro hero 9 for some shots 
    What 3d modeling software? Solidworks Professional
    What video editing software? Adobe Premiere pro
  • What software are you using to control it? A custom program, it is not available to the public.
  • Can I get the 3d model of Jarvis/Your Robot Arm? I am currently not offering the model in any form paid or free.
  • Are there drawings or plans available? No. It is a one-of-a-kind design not meant to be copied as is. There are no drawings or other helpful information to copy. It is mostly in my head 🙂
  • What did it cost to build? it cost me roughly 13k to build. But for someone else, it would probably be at least 20k as I bought many used parts and some items were already in my inventory from other projects. I did not design it to be copied, so no thought was given to making it affordable for someone else to build.

I have a different question...

If you have a different question or if you wish to contact me about something not addressed in the FAQ above, please use this form to get in touch with me.  

Please note: If your question is answered on the FAQ list above I won’t answer your email!